Welcome to the U.S. Beer Crates Store! 

U.S. Beer Crates are a durable solution for your beer transport, production, and storage. 


Whether taking your home-brews to a friend’s house to watch the game or to the beach for a midnight bonfire, our crates are the perfect vessel to safely transport your handcrafted beer.
Our beer crates have a wide base, which prevents them from falling over like a 6-pack tends to do in your car.
With a storage capacity of 24 bottles and built-in carry handles you’ll have no trouble getting your beer from home to the party and back again.


Storing your beer bottles is easy and convenient with U.S. Beer Crates.
Keep your bottles off the counter, out of the trash, and neatly organized for reuse or recycle.
Each crate holds up to 24 North American Longneck bottles in perfectly sized pockets, ensuring your bottles won’t get cracked or broken while waiting to be used.
Our beer crates are stackable to minimize the amount of floor space needed during storage and to help save space in your brewery, whether that’s the kitchen, the garage or a custom built microbrewery out back.


Our beer crates are made from a high strength plastic that won’t crack, warp or crush over time.
They are waterproof making them perfect for use during brewing operations or as a drying rack.
We have all used cardboard boxes that get wet and fall apart.
Unlike cardboard boxes, any messes you make while filling your bottles can be easily cleaned by taking the whole crate outside and hosing off the bottles and crate at the same time.
Brewing is messy, but it doesn't have to be a headache.

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