3 Advantages of Using Plastic Beer Bottle Storage Crates

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3 Advantages of Using Plastic Beer Bottle Storage Crates

We’d like to walk you through a scenario. You have just started brewing your own beer and you are actually getting pretty good at it. You’re an experimenter, so you’ve tried a lager, a stout, and an IPA so far. That means you’re off to a pretty good start! The tricky part, however, is the bottling process--or more specifically, the part that comes after the bottling process.

Fortunately for you, you’ve stumbled across US Beer Crates and we have a product that makes beer storage pretty simple. No more cracked or broken bottles while you’re waiting for your brews to be ready to drink. Those cardboard boxes you’ve been using have a way of getting wet and falling apart. We’ve been there too! Brewing can be messy sometimes, but the mess doesn’t have to turn into a headache.

US Beer Crates to the Rescue!

That’s where we come in. We knew there had to be a better way to enjoy more beer with less waste. Our beer bottle storage crate is the perfect way to get the most out of your home brewed beers while you experiment with your craft and try new things. Why use our plastic beer cases? Keep reading to find out.

They’re Mess Free

We mentioned it above, but cardboard boxes turn out to not be the ideal situation for beer bottle storage. Our crates are made of a heavy duty plastic that won’t disintegrate before your eyes like cardboard does. If a bottle happens to break, simply carry the crate outside, hose it all off, and you’re set. When a cardboard box starts to fall apart...well, let’s just say it can turn into a bit of a nightmare.

More Beer, Less Waste

Let’s say you decide to pack up some brews and head to a friend’s house for a sampling party. You don’t trust cardboard boxes anymore--rightfully so--and you need a better solution. Our crates are the perfect vessel for getting your oat sodas from point a to point b safely and without any hassle.

They Hold a Number of Beers

Perhaps best of all is the fact that our plastic beer bottle crates are designed to hold 24 bottles. When a six pack just won’t cut it, we step in to solve the problem. The built in carry handles make the crates that much easier to carry. That sounds like a win no matter how you look at it. Your beers are sure to be the highlight of the party rather than the disappointing story that you have to tell everyone about how the cardboard box gave out and you’ll have to start another batch.

Order Yours Today

Regardless of whether you’re interested in easy transportation, perfect storage, or durability that you can’t get from cardboard boxes, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you grab our product. Order yours today and rest assured that your life just got a little bit easier. More beer and less waste means more happiness all around.

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