A Few Resources for Home Brewers

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A Few Resources for Home Brewers

If you’ve been brewing your own beers for a while, chances are that you’ve done plenty of research on the subject. You have probably watched countless videos on YouTube, read articles online, and perhaps you even got a library card for your local library and checked out a book or two to learn as much as possible. If you’re just getting into home brewing, welcome aboard! You’ll find yourself in the middle of an awesome community that always wants to lend a helping hand.

At US Beer Crates, we make beer storage easy with our plastic beer crates. Ideal for seasoned brewing veterans and newcomers alike, they are specifically designed to help keep your beers protected as you work your way through the process. More on that later though. For now, we’d like to present all of the homebrewers out there with a few of our favorite resources on the topic. Whether you have plenty of experience or you’re just starting out, we think what we’re about to share will be of help.

Amber Waves

You’ve probably heard Alton Brown’s name before. As the host of a number of shows on Food Network, he has made quite the name for himself as a master chef. Good Eats, which ran for a number of seasons, highlighted some of the science behind foods and in one particular episode, Alton turned his attention to brewing beer. The episode (entitled Amber Waves) is a great introduction for how to brew beer.

Available on DVD (or you can watch on YouTube), Alton gives beginners a great idea of what to expect when it comes to making their own beer. Although some disagree with his methods, we have to say that it provides a number of helpful suggestions and the beer Alton ends up with is likely incredibly drinkable.

How to Brew

How to Brew: Everything You Need to Brew Great Beer Every Time is also an incredibly useful tool that every home brewer should have in his or her arsenal. With 4.9 stars and over 50 reviews on Amazon for the newest edition alone, people tend to agree that if you’re just starting out with home brewing, this is the first resource you should purchase.

As of earlier this year, this classic book has been revised and updated with the newest information as well as tips and tricks for getting a brew made the right way. We cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Homebrew Talk

Lastly, we’d like to recommend the Homebrew Talk online forum. They have a board specifically dedicated to beginning brewers and an incredibly helpful community of people who are willing to answer questions and provide tips and advice. It’s an invaluable resource and you could spend hours--or even days--reading what others have to say and gleaning plenty of information to provide you with the confidence you need to tackle your first brew.

Of course you’ll need a good place to store your beer. Our plastic beer crates are designed to do just that--and to do it well. Order yours today!

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