Beer Bottle Storage You Can Count On

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Beer Bottle Storage You Can Count On

As a passionate beer drinker, it’s only natural that you’d start doing some research on what you need to do to brew your own beverages at home. You’ve been of legal drinking age for some time now and like many others who recognized the unique charm of beer, you want to put your own unique twist on things.

Whether you’re an avid stout drinker or you prefer the refreshing crispness of a nice, hoppy IPA, it’s probably crossed your mind that it would be fun to do some research and start brewing your own beer. For some, a simple kit is all you need to get going. For others, you want the finest materials and tools so you can hone your craft and one day open a brewery of your own. Wherever you fall in that spectrum, you have probably run into a bit of a challenge--you don’t know how to store beer in the best way possible.

Beer Bottle Storage Made Easy

Crafting your own oat sodas is both incredibly fun and incredibly rewarding. There’s nothing like the feeling of finally cracking the top off of a brew after all of your hard work. As they say, patience is a virtue, and whether your patience paid off with a beer that’s satisfying from the first sip or you find yourself in the other camp of brewers who immediately think of how they’ll improve your next batch, we can help.

You probably know how to store beer because you’ve seen how others do it, but the most common methods out there can sometimes result in a bit of disappointment. Perhaps you’ve stored your beers on soda flats or in cardboard boxes in the past. When a bottle breaks, you’re in for a soggy mess. They eventually get wet and fall apart, leaving you with a less-than-ideal scenario on your hands.

If Only There Were a Better Way…

As it turns out, there is a better way. Our plastic beer crates are specifically designed to make storing your beers a breeze. Each crate holds two dozen longneck bottles to keep them safe and secure while you wait for the day where you can finally pop the top and enjoy. You probably know that brewing can be a messy hobby already. The team at US Beer Crates set out to make it a little less so.

When you need a durable storage solution that can be reused endlessly, look no further. Outfit your brewing operation--whether you work from your garage or from a microbrewery--with our beer bottle crates and you’ll be set. You’ll never have to wonder how to store beer again because you’ll know that you’re getting it done the right way this time around. Being able to crack open your own unique concoction is a thing of beauty and we would be honored to be involved in your process because we’re enthusiasts ourselves!

Order a beer crate now and never worry about a disappointing mess in the future. It’s as simple as that.

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