Homebrew Storage 101: How Stackable Beer Crates Can Save Your Brew

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Homebrew Storage 101: How Stackable Beer Crates Can Save Your Brew

At US Beer Crates, our motto is “more beer, less waste.” After all, there’s nothing worse than spending so much time and energy on crafting a tasty beverage only to have it go to waste because the cardboard flat you were storing it in got soggy and all of your beers took a tumble. Much like the fate of poor Humpty Dumpty, you won’t be putting your broken bottles back together again and all of the time you spent making your beer will have been for nothing.

That’s why we’re proud to offer stackable plastic beer bottle crates for homebrewers everywhere. You can kiss ruined batches goodbye thanks to our beer storage solution. Whether you’re looking for a better way to store your beers or just need a great way to transport a couple of dozen bottles of your latest creation, we can help. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a couple of other solutions for how to tackle beer storage. Keep reading to learn more!

Beer Bottle Storage Made Easy

So in addition to using our beer bottle crates, what else can you do to ensure that your homebrew doesn’t take a turn for the worst?

Pick the Right Bottles

Over at How to Brew, the recommendation for storage is a simple one, and chances are that you’ve heard this suggestion before: “Brown bottles are best unless you make a point of keeping your beer in the dark.” It’s why many of keep our beer in the basement after bottling. But what is it that makes the brown bottles that much better? Green or clear bottles can have an effect on the way the beer tastes because it is “the result of a photo-chemical reaction with hop compounds and sulfur compounds.”

Store Ingredients Properly

If you’ve been brewing for any amount of time, you probably know that keeping ingredients on hand for your homebrews means that you end up with a surplus. You’re a frugal person, so those ingredients need to be stored properly. The American Homebrewers Association has put together a helpful guide on how to store homebrew ingredients and it covers everything from malt to malt extract to hops to yeast. Be sure to use it as a resource before your next brew session!

Ferment in the Right Place

The folks over at The Kitchn have a bit of advice on where to store your homebrew while it’s fermenting and part of their knowledge on the subject includes tips like finding a space that is “away from sunny windows, but still at room temperature, and also where an accidental spill won't be too annoying to clean up.”

Your Source for Stackable Beer Crates

When it comes to homebrew storage, why not set yourself off on the right foot with our plastic beer crate? It’s specifically designed to hold 24 bottles safely and securely without the mess. Take a look and order your own plastic beer bottle crates today. We think you’ll absolutely love the fact that you end up with more beer and less waste.

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