Homebrewers, The 24 Bottle Beer Crate We Offer is For You

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Homebrewers, The 24 Bottle Beer Crate We Offer is For You

If you’re a homebrewer, you probably know that beer storage can be a bit tricky. That’s the very reason the team at US Beer Crates came up with a 24 bottle beer crate that doesn’t get soggy like cardboard flats and can be reused again and again. Hey, we saw a need and we filled a need!

Our plastic beer storage crates are popular among homebrewers everywhere and there’s nothing we love more than hearing what our customers are up to and where they’re at in their craft. Whether it’s experienced homebrewers who share tips and tricks or newcomers who let us know about their struggles, it’s always a joy to hear about people delving deeper into the hobby that we love so much ourselves.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

And so it’s with that same spirit of knowledge sharing that we’d like to approach today’s post. The wonderful thing about brewing beer is that there’s always something new to try and different skills to learn.

There is an incredible backlog of knowledge to pull from--beer has been around for over 5,000 years, after all--but there’s always innovating to be done. (If you’re interested in a timetable of developments, Beer History has put together an excellent one, by the way, and one awesome fact of note is that Theodore Roosevelt “brought over 500 gal. of beer on safari in Africa.” He was a rough rider, indeed.)

The American Homebrewers Association

If you live in the United States like we do, you may have heard of The American Homebrewers Association. If you haven’t heard of them yet, allow us to enlighten you. They often share things like recipes, instructional articles, in-depth insights, brewing techniques, and more. You can even find a homebrewers club near you to connect with others in your area! How cool is that?

A number of places across the country also host homebrew contests, like this one in Vermont. The rules and criteria of these events of course can vary from place to place, but if you come up with an oat soda that you’re particularly proud of, it can be the perfect opportunity to put your beer to the test.

Stay Tuned For More

At US Beer Crates, we love sharing cool little tidbits that we come across that can help homebrewers everywhere on their journeys to sudsy, delicious freedom. We’re part of a truly incredible community and there is a really great sense of camaraderie amongst many of us. That’s part of the reason we designed our 24 bottle beer crate in the first place.

As homebrewers ourselves, we got pretty tired of soggy boxes and flats that are pretty much guaranteed to lead to a frustrating experience 100% of the time. Our beer crates are made to be the be-all-end-all beer storage solution. Homebrew storage is tricky, but we believe that our product will make your life just a little bit easier regardless of where you are in your homebrewing journey. Try our beer crate out for yourself. We think you’re going to love it.

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