What Customers Are Saying About Our Stackable Beer Crates

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What Customers Are Saying About Our Stackable Beer Crates

At US Beer Crates, we set out to create the perfect beer storage solution for everyone from homebrewers to those who needed an easy way to transport a lot of beers safely. After all, cardboard boxes and soda flats don’t quite cut it, getting soggy easily and ruining what would otherwise be a great time. Whether you have brewed your own beer or grabbed a few of your favorites from the local microbrewery, there’s nothing quite like popping the top on a beer and taking that first refreshing drink.

We’ll be honest here; we created our plastic beer crates primarily to serve our purposes as homebrewers ourselves and we’ve put them to the test. The truth, however, is that all of that is for nothing if your customers didn’t feel the same way we did about them. That’s why in today’s blog, we’d like to highlight a few recent customer reviews so you can see what other people are saying. Keep reading to learn more!

Stackable Beer Crates You Can Count On

Engineered for Beer

“Anyone needing to store or transport beer bottles quickly learns that cardboard just doesn't hold up to multiple uses, and milk crates don't keep bottles stable and secure. US Beer Crates hold bottles securely whether there are two or twenty-four. The bottles don't rattle together or fall, so the beer stays as good as the day it was bottled.” - Michael

Thanks so much for the kind words, Michael! One of the things we were focused on from the beginning was making sure that the beer bottles didn’t get shaken around too much while they were in one of our beer crates, and we’re glad to hear that you’ve had a good experience.

Sturdy and Stackable

“I made 15 gallons of hard cider last fall and now that I have those bottles safely stored in these beer crates I feel way better about moving them around. Space is tight in my apartment, so the fact that I can confidently stack the crates is a huge bonus as well. Great stuff!” - Jeff

Cheers on that cider, and for finding a way to protect your investment of refreshing apple-y beverages, Jeff! Our stackable beer crates have been designed specifically to be stackable, saving people space whether it’s in an apartment, a basement, or even the corner of a spare bedroom.

Way Better Than Boxes

“Very durable way to store my bottled beers. Why risk losing a bunch of bottles because of a flimsy cardboard box? Strong, stackable, and reusable. Also very handy for sorting and storing homebrew competition entries! A must have for any homebrewer or beer collector!” - Brandon

We’ll be honest, Brandon. Utilizing our plastic beer crates for collecting beers hadn’t even crossed our minds, but now that we’re thinking about it, you can bet that we’ll be stocking up on the good stuff and storing it safely and effectively. Thanks for the great review and for the wonderful tip.

Beer Storage Made Easy

Regardless of why you’re looking for a beer storage solution, you can rest assured that the products you get from US Beer Crates have been designed to keep all of your oat sodas as safe as possible.

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