About Us

U.S. Beer Crates was started by a couple of engineers-turned-homebrewers out in the plains of Oklahoma. After discovering the wonderful blend of science and culinary artistry homebrewing offers, we set out to fully equip our new home brewery. While most of the equipment we sought out was readily available at our local homebrew store or online, we quickly discovered one vital piece was missing, a storage solution for our quickly accumulating beer bottles. At first we simply stored our bottles in cardboard boxes, either the ones the bottles came in or what we had lying around. This quickly led to frustration as boxes got wet and fell apart and bottles got broken during the bottling process. Thus began our search for a durable beer bottle storage device. It seemed the only thing we could find online were crates designed for European bottles or decorative wooden crates. We wanted something sized for standard U.S. bottles that would stand up to some serious abuse, provide stackable storage, and allow for easy transportation. After realizing the product we had in mind just simply wasn’t available, we set out to end our own frustration and hopefully provide a valuable product to other homebrewers nationwide.
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